Launching Umbraco plugin

Integrate Infeed in your Umbraco dashboard to get instant access to your insights. 
Follow below instructions to install our Nuget package and get started.

Option 1: Using Package Manager Console


PM> Install-Package Infeed.UmbracoPlugin


Option 2: Using NuGet Package Manager

Right-click on your project in Visual Studio and choose the Manage NuGet Packages menu item.
Search for Infeed and install the chosen package.

Connect to Infeed with an API key

To finish the installation you need to add your API key. You can find your API key in your account settings page on

The installation added “Infeed.ApiKey” to your <appSettings> in web.config where you can enter your API key. Or you can add it directly from Umbraco Settings page under Infeed/Settings.

Advanced configuration

The installation will automatically add two new sections to your Dashboard.config file. One for your insights dashboard and one showing a timeline of your progress. Feel free to rearrange them.


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