Infeed explains the data.



Examples of insights:

Get insights about your Marketing Efforts

Get daily or weekly digest of the insights about your website, social media and advertisement.

Understand how your website is used and how it performs

  • Receive information regularly about the performance of your website, in terms of trends and deviation
  • Keep track of your advertising costs
  • How and why do the visitors come to you?

Monitoring of social media

  • Constantly checking the status of your accounts on social media
  • Assist through reminding and giving advice of when and what you should publish
  • Stay informed of what is mentioned regarding your brands and the industry on Twitter without having to be an active member
  • See what is being photographed and what is published on social media in the area of your office

Google concerns and affects

  • Keep track of your positions on Google and how they affect the number of visitors
  • Get advice for simple ways to improve your SEO which do not require technical expertise
  • Optimize your advertisement on Adwords

Follow-up of email campaigns

  • Follow-up on your newsletters - were they successful? Have there been any improvements from the previous newsletter?
  • Receive regular information about who has subscribed and unsubscribed
  • Gain valuable advice on how the newsletters can be improved



“Before Infeed we were bad at checking the statistics and follow up, as it was scattered in so many different systems. Every morning I will now have a comprehensive picture of the situation and can give my staff the task to check and follow up on things we discover through Infeed, ranging from problems with our website to products that sell poorly.”


Our app gives you freedom

The Infeed app to iPhone and Android phones allows you to keep track of your online business wherever you are.

When something important happens, you will receive a push notification so you won’t miss a single thing.

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Keep your colleagues informed

All insights are shareable. Give your colleagues access to Infeed by inviting them, so they get a personalized feed of insights tailored to them.

If you want to share the insights you find particularly interesting, it can be forwarded via e-mail.

Our trial is fully functional and is risk free. No credit card required.

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