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Examples of insights:

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With one tool you regularly receive - carefully selected statistics, performance- and protection monitoring of the website, Google rankings and suggestions for improvements.

Highlights in the statistics

Google Analytics can be difficult to grasp and is often time consuming. Infeed selects the most interesting and important statistics for you, sometimes together with proposals for action. You choose what is interesting to show colleagues.

Who visited the website? Where are they from? What catches their attention?

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Alerts for website problems

You receive clear and useful information in case of technical problems:

  • the website is slow for visitors
  • the site is down
  • the website has security flaws
  • you lose or improve rankings on Google

Improve SEO without technical expertise

Take note of regularly given advice on how you can improve the website for visitors and become more popular by Google. The most simple measures are often the most powerful.



Integrate with your software and other data sources

Infeed can be connected with your ERP/accounting system, in order to measure and monitor your digital presence in relation to your revenues and expenses.

Wordpress plugin

With Feed in Wordpress, which is our plugin to Wordpress, you get an overview of your digital presence and performance.

You can get suggestions for improvements for every website and blog post, as well as getting a deeper understanding of how it is being used.

Read more about Wordpress-plugin 

Umbraco plugin

Our plugin to Umbraco called Feed in Umbraco, enables you to get insights from inside the backend dashboard. By activating Infeed’s package you can get an overview of your digital presence.

Read more about Umbraco-plugin

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