Digital Marketing Plugin for Slack

Keep track of your online presence and
receive a Slack notifications as soon as something occurs.

“All-in-one! I have tried many Slack-plugins and configured many different tools, but Infeed collects everything in ONE place and also enables my colleagues to take part of just enough information.”

Metrics Summary

Receive a daily summary of metrics from Google Analytics and a wide range of other web services.

Webstats Alerts

Recieve a notification if something of interest happens in Google Analytics, such as traffic spikes after being mentioned in a blog or news article.

Javascript Error Tracking

If the website contains any Javascript errors, you will receive a notification about the problem.

Website Security Alerts

Your website is supervised and you are alerted in case a malware is detected, DNS is changed or other observations of security problems.

Social Media Monitoring

Get summaries and insights about your presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Uptime Monitoring

Get notified when the website is down or slow, as well as possible causes and estimations of how many users are affected.

Domain & DNS Monitoring

Receive a notification if something happens with your domain names or if someone register a domain name relevant to your brand.



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